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Lego”Zim and Gir” – Invader Zim

Lego”Zim and Gir” – Invader Zim


One of a Kind, Custom Lego Mini-figures of Zim and Gir, based on the popular Nickelodeon TV Show called “Invader Zim”.

To capture the likeness of these characters, some polymer clay was added to lego mini-figure heads to create Zim and Gir. Polymer clay was also used to create Gir’s eyes, Gir’s robotic blue joints and Zim’s alien backpack. The Piggy is totally created out of polymer clay.

Both mini-figures have been painted to best represent the characters they portray (no decals used). Both have legs that are pose-able. Zim and Gir’s heads and arms are not removable or pose-able.

Zim, Gir and piggy come with small lego stand shown.