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Lego”Aliens” – Creature and Ripley

Lego”Aliens” – Creature and Ripley


One of a Kind, Custom Lego Mini-figures of Alien creature and Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), based on the popular Sci-Fi Movie “Aliens”.

To capture the likeness of the Alien character, some polymer clay was added to a lego mini-figure to create the Alien’s Head, Tail and Claws.

A great feature of the Alien is that a mechanical device has been added inside the body, allowing the tail to move. This affect gives the Alien a scary and more life-like feel!

Both mini-figures have been painted to best represent the characters they are supposed to be (no decals used). Ripley and Alien have arms and legs that are pose-able. The Alien’s head is not pose-able or removable.