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Wind Waker Silver Tone Charm Bracelet Legend of Zelda

Wind Waker Silver Tone Charm Bracelet Legend of Zelda


A Beautiful OOAK (One of a Kind), Custom, Handmade, Charm Bracelet inspired by the popular video game “The Legend of Zelda – Wind Waker”!

Bracelet is approximately 7 1/2 inches with matching Toggle Clasp.

There are 26 different Charms! Custom Charms are Handmade using Polymer Clay to create their unique shapes, adorned later with custom Silver Tone Rods, Rings and Findings! Charms are then baked, cooled, treated with special paints, sealants/gels!

No molds are used when creating my clay charms!

Following Custom Charms are:
1. Makar
2. Heart Container
3. Gold ChuChu
4. Leaf
5. Red ChuChu
6. Triforce piece
7. Wind Waker
8. Telescope
9. Dark ChuChu
10. Bomb
11. Boomerang
12. Bait Bag
13. Green ChuChu
14. Compass
15. Blue ChuChu
16. Treasure Map

10 chosen Silver Tone Charms to fit theme are (almost all adorned with Swarovski Crystal elements):
17. Anchor (Swarovski)
18. Peahat (Swarovski)
19. Star Fish (Swarovski)
20. Treasure Chest
21. Octopus (Swarovski)
22. Small Recovery Heart
23. Peahat (Swarovski)
24. Key
25. Steering Wheel (Swarovski)
26. Crab (Swarovski)

What a wonderful and unique gift this bracelet would make that any Zelda fan would absolutely love!