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Legend of Zelda Charm Bracelet

Legend of Zelda Charm Bracelet


A beautiful One of a Kind OOAK, Custom, Handmade Charm Bracelet inspired by the popular The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time video game.

There are 9 different Charms: 1. Green Rupee, 2. Poe in a Bottle (Poe’s eyes glow in the dark), 3. Red Potion Bottle, 4. Blue Rupee, 5. Triforce on Bezel base, 6. Glass Heart Piece Container, 7. Lon Lon Ranch Milk Bottle (label not a decal – intricately hand painted), 8. Red Rupee, 9. Recovery Fairy in a Bottle (Fairy’s wings glow in the dark).

Bracelet is approximately 7 1/2 inches with matching toggle clasp.

Rupees and Triforce Charms are Handmade using Polymer Clay to create their unique shapes and then baked, cooled, and intricately painted with great attention to detail using special paints, sealants/gels. No molds are used when creating my charms, so each will be truly unique!

Glass Heart, Bottles and contents of Bottles have been customized to transform them into the items from Ocarina of Time! A special combination of liquid mediums are used that takes several days to dry/cure.