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1st Majora's Mask Gold Tone Charm Bracelet

1st Majora's Mask Gold Tone Charm Bracelet


Here I have a special Custom One of a Kind OOAK Charm Bracelet inspired by the Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask!

This is the very 1st Majora's Mask Charm Bracelet that has 17 Handmade/Custom made charms offered on a Gold Tone Charm Bracelet! Also introducing for the 1st time the popular Mirror Shield that was Hand Sculpted!

There are a total of 19 Charms - 17 that are Hand Sculpted/Custom adorned with 7 1/2 inch Gold Tone Bracelet and matching Lobster Clasp.

Following Custom Charms are:
1. Heart Container  2. Ocarina of Time  3. Lens of Truth 4. Deku Mask 5. BombChu
6. Mirror Shield 7. Keaton Mask  8. Couple’s Mask 9. Majoras Mask  10. Mask of Truth 11. Bomb 12. Zora Mask 13. Tatl Fairy  14. Moon 15. Goron Mask 16. Golden Skultula Token 17. Green Potion Bottle

Custom Charms are Hand Sculpted using Polymer Clay to create their unique shapes, with custom Gold Tone Rods, Rings and Findings No molds are used when creating my clay charms, so each will be unique and one of a kind!