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Majora’s Mask Charm Bracelet #2 Legend of Zelda

Majora’s Mask Charm Bracelet #2 Legend of Zelda


A Beautiful One of a Kind OOAK, Custom, Handmade Charm Bracelet based on the popular video game called “The Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask”.

There are 18 different Charms: 1. Majora’s Mask, 2. Tael Fairy, 3. Moon, 4. Zora Mask, 5. Deku Mask, 6. Goron Mask, 7. Ocarina of Time, 8. Turtle, 9. Key, 10. Deity’s Mask, 11. Owl, 12. Mask of Truth, 13. Keaton Mask, 14. Stone Mask, 15. Couple’s Mask, 16. Heart
Container, 17. Magic Bean, and 18. Blue Potion Bottle.

Some charms are made of Glass, Metal, Metal with Swarovski elements, or Polymer Clay (No molds are used when creating my charms, so each will be unique and one of a kind)!

Bracelet is approximately 7 1/2 inches.