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Sterling Silver Zelda OoT Charm Bracelet Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time

Sterling Silver Zelda OoT Charm Bracelet Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time


A Beautiful OOAK (One of a Kind), Custom, Handmade, Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet inspired by the popular “The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time” video game.

There are 17 different charms adorned with 7 1/2 Sterling Silver Bracelet and Lobster Clasp!

Following Custom Charms are (all custom charms have Sterling Silver Rods and Findings):
1. Lon Lon Ranch Glass Milk Bottle (famous logo Hand Painted on Glass Bottle)
2. Magic Hammer/Megaton Hammer
3. Lens of Truth
4. Zora’s Sapphire
5. Small Bomb
6. Compass
7. Triforce Piece
8. Heart Container
9. Kokiri’s Emerald
10. BombChu
11. Boomerang
12. Goron’s Ruby
13. Ocarina of Time

Custom Charms are a marriage of Sterling Silver Rods and Findings along with Polymer Clay to create their unique shapes, Swarovski Crystals for some (1 emerald color Swarovski Crystal for the Kokiri Emerald, 1 ruby color Swarovski Crystal for the Goron Ruby, and 3 sapphire color Swarovski Crystals for the Zora Sapphire). Charms were baked, cooled and then treated with special paints and sealants/gels!

No molds are used when creating my custom charms, so each will be unique and truly one of a kind OOAK!

4 chosen Sterling Silver charms to match theme:
14. Key to represent Dungeon Key
15. Large Owl
16. Large Frog
17. Large Evil Eye with Swarovski Crystals to represent the Eye Switch.