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Big Mac Minky Plush MLP FIM

Big Mac MLP Minky Plush


Adorable Big Mac is all hand sewn completely out of double sided minky fabric which is why the texture is different from one sided minky but much softer. Since double sided minky is very delicate reinforced stitching technique has been used.  Big Mac has non-allergenic poly-fill stuffing. His eyes and cutie marks are also made of the same doubled sided minky fabric that is all hand embroidered - many hours to use this technique so that every part of him is cuddly soft! We believe that no one else has used this hand embroidered technique, so you are truly receiving a very unique plush!

Big Mac is approximately 13 inches tall and 11 inches wide from nose to tail. His is able to stand on his own, no wires or beans; Big Mac is truly all minky!

This is a personal representation of Big Mac using a pattern we created ourselves, so there is none like him making him truly one of a kind!